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Book Review of A Vampire’s Tale By Maya Tyler

A Vampire's Tale
By: Maya Tyler
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness) October 13,2017 5:46pm

  • Publication date: March 22, 2017
  • Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
  • Book Length:  163 pages 

Book Description:

The best laid plans…

Marisa Clements was never satisfied writing the ‘gossip column’ in the local paper so she quit her job to follow her dream of writing fiction. Floundering in an unforgiving industry, she wrote about vampires, a popular subject she considered fascinating but as real as unicorns, to pay the rent.

Corgan Halton was tired of human misconceptions about vampires. He planned on telling Marisa his story and end his existence. It was no coincidence Corgan selected Marisa to write his story. With the ability to see the future, he knew she would be a major part of it. He knew she would be the one to help him die, but in doing so, she’d be doomed to the same fate. Once they met, their futures would be irrevocably intertwined.

Corgan began caring for Marisa and finally revealed the truth to her. He admitted his quest to atone for his past sins had put her in grave danger from a nest of revenge-seeking vampires. Corgan must claim her for her own protection. But claiming her is not enough, he must ask for help from his wizard friends and his maker in order to destroy his enemy or Marisa will never be safe.

Book Review:

A Vampire's Tale
Author: Maya Tyler

 So, ‘A Vampire’s Tale’ the description alone in the beginning set an alarm ringing in my head, those who remember ‘Interview with the Vampire’ a bicentennial vampire who was eager to tell his past to a biographer. Corgan Halton also an ancient vampire wants his story to be told by Marisa Clements who is a struggling writer. Corgan can see the future and fears for Marisa life who he has grown to care for. Something else reminds me of another story of like Marisa, she is able to shut Corgan out of her head which no one else had the ability to do before. I heard of something like this before, I got my finger on it but will not push.

 I personally know the struggles of not wanting to give to much away but also tell the reader just enough so they will be interested but it doesn't always come out, per-say how we may wanted it to. So it took a lot of thought before reading the book and let me say, the description was entirely accurate but at the same time was not. It was though in its self an original story you will see in there as you read. Though description I feel discourages a reader from taking a chance if you are familiar with the classics and the new vampire story's. You will see a familiar rendering, but this reader took a chance....

 Other than that it’s a action story with just enough romance that’s also filled with inventive imagination writing filled with fulfillment of mysterious events. Maya Tyler vampire book has at least ventured away from stupid original blood sucking sex and kept it a little humor. That I can enjoy a fresher perspective on are favorite supernatural creatures of the night. But this is sadly for me where it ends and starts to become another cliche and all to familiar sounding writers choice, Corgan swore to protect Marissa from harm, from the other evil vampires, another all to familiar plot choice.

Anyway, it’s not that long to get through but besides the familiarities and if you can get your mind past it, its a easy read.  It’s just not the book for me. I like to read something with fresh ideas, and it showed that it had potential but what ruins it for me is the time and again, age old story not told or spun much different. Like re-reading the same book(s) but different author for umpteenth time. For those who aren’t bothered reading with that in mind, see what Corgan past was like and where his future will take you. If you are fan of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer or The House of Night by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast you may enjoy Vampire's Tales. It's a chance I recommend if your fan of these series or anything similar as I mentioned above.

Read excerpt of book from Publisher, Tigearr Publishing.

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