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Book Review From Oh My Bookness: She Bites by Roger Arsht & Caitlin Hawker

She Bites
 by Roger Arsht & Caitlin Hawker

  • Publication date: September 20, 2015
  • Publisher: Archway Publishing
  • Book Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN-10:1480822213
  • ISBN-13:978-1480822214

Book Description:
Dr. Robyn Sparks is a veterinarian with a dark secret: she moonlights as a self-appointed vigilante, who deals her own brand of justice to animal abusers by murdering them. If you do bad things to dogs, Robyn does bad things to you.

She Bites tells the story of a talented veterinarian who dispenses brutal judgment. Her work with sick and injured animals provides Robyn with a view of life's most tender moments as well as a view of man's most brutal behaviors.

Robyn's regular habit of sending bad people to the pet crematorium is interrupted when she meets Jack Williams, a damaged detective who is fighting his own demons. Their relationship is a roller coaster ride of tangled emotions and legal close calls.

Ultimately, Robyn has to make a choice: whether to continue down her destructive path and kill a twisted psychopath turned professional dog fight promoter, or to pursue a romance with a cop who believes morality is best served by the hand of the law.

Book Review:
She Bites
Author: Roger Arsht & Caitlin Hawker
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
December 13,2016

She Bites by Roger Arsht and Caitlin Hawker will have you thinking twice next time when she says "don't worry I don't bite." Compassion is a weakness or is it? Well sadly for those who cross Dr. Robyn Sparks, the only compassion she has is for the furry kind not for the human kind. 
To better understand Dr. Robyn Sparks you must understand her passion is protecting and caring for those who trust and love unconditionally their human owners. Dr. Robyn Sparks is a compassionate veterinarian and takes what she does very seriously and believes that any and all who mistreat their pets should have more than a fine or jail. More than what the courts can hand out. They should suffer the ultimate punishment. Equivalent to the deed they committed and more. Her disillusioned,  divisive, methods leave plenty to be talked about. No one can say though, "message not received."  At the same can't help but smile, even as questionable the methods someone is fighting for those who can't defend themselves.

This vet with a mission, her techniques will have vampires salivating. With her utter detailed and deadly work, and the torture she inflicts on her victims. She just may be the modern day Ripper, respectable, low profile, someone you least expect until it's to late. Fighting for the rights of animals one at a time. It will leave all those abusers salvating for the day when PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and a hefty fine was all they had to worry about.
  Then you have the detective Jack Williams, he has a therapy corgi dog Lizzie that helps him with his traumatized story that developed from a serial child killer. 

This story is written with great depth, both characters suffering from inner demons, but one enjoys it better than chocolate luscious. This thriller, horror and brutality of animal within is not for the squeamish. With also the horror of dog fights, and the results that come from it.
This has graphic abuse of animals and a vigilante that takes the dog fighting society on full board. There is not just a dark tale of terror but it does have light in it also tweet Robyn and Jack. I enjoy a book that keeps me staying up and need to turn the page for more. As an animal lover, it's nice to see Dr. Sparks speaks for the animals when they couldn't.

About the Author:

Roger Arsht and Caitlin Hawker are a writing team from Park City and Salt Lake City, respectively.

Roger is an English teacher with a dark side: he enjoys writing dark literature to shock and amaze his readers. He enjoys taking a deeper look at the philosophical side of horror and integrating it into the mundane aspects of everyday life to create a thrilling blend of genres.

Caitlin is an artist and self-described weirdo whose love of 1950's monster movies and classical horror helps her to continually horrify her coauthor. She brings a gleefully evil flavor to their books, and coffee to their writing sessions.
Together, they continue to horrify and thrill their readers, and would like to thank their friends and loved ones for not having them committed, just yet.


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