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Book Review from Oh my Bookness: Please Hold By Tricia Stewart Shiu

Please Hold

By Tricia Stewart Shiu 

  • Publication date: February 2, 2016
  • Publisher: Human Being Publishing

Book Description:

FOREWORD BY HULU CEO, MIKE HOPKINS - Underdog Hollywood Executive Assistant battles big budget boss and receives miraculous aid from an unlikely source—a shrine to Mary Tyler Moore. 25 time award-winning author, Tricia Stewart Shiu's New Adult novel PLEASE HOLD, Winner of Best Unpublished Manuscript at the Southern California Book Festival and best first Chapter at the WildSound Festival, offers an insider’s look at the world of high-level studio executive assistants and one woman’s struggle to make sense of it all. Has she come a long way, baby? Only Mary knows.

Not only does PLEASE HOLD offer a rare glimpse into the world of top tier gatekeepers, it also serves as a reminder that spirituality comes in many forms and no one should judge another before knowing the full story. Everyone’s journey to her own truth is layered and we all choose our path based on the highest form of guidance available. As we grow, so does our guidance.

In this quirky slice of life story, Tricia Stewart Shiu, draws from her extensive experience as a veteran, high-level executive assistant at one of the top six entertainment studios in Los Angeles.

Book Review:
Please Hold
Author: Tricia Stewart Shiu 
Review By: Brittany Perez 
(Oh My Bookness)
October 15, 2016

As the next debate is less than a day away I can’t help to look at Please Hold by Tricia Stewart Shiu. I can’t help to think about what is considered “locker room talk” by one man and unforgivable  by another. If to say this is the only time we will ever see or hear about it is to make a false claim. It is unfortunate we only see so much attention on it on such a global scale now, but that’s politics and media. For a woman in business this is just the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of many challenges to face. If you want to prove you are just as good or better than your co-worker of the opposite sex.

Please Hold by Tricia Stewart Shiu explores a world where privacy and secrecy are for the home, not the office cause neither exist and someone always knows something. Even in fiction parallels can always be drawn. Reading a lot like a stage play, you can see this being performed in live setting. The way it is written does not feel like it’s just intended for the joy or pleasure of just reading. As you read, the words tend to just come off the page.
As I said with works of fiction we can tend to make a parallel connection to the real world, because the best works are tended to be derived from a grain of truth.
Please Hold is for the unsung hero of the workplace. The best things don’t come easy, but not loosing yourself along the way does not have to be the price either.

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