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Book Review from Oh My Bookness of Cries of the Eagle by Michael E. Nathanson

Cries of the Eagle
By Michael E. Nathanson 

  • Paperback: 450 pages
  • Publisher: Xulon Press (January 29, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1498458491
  • ISBN-13: 978-1498458498

Book Description:

A devastating explosion leaves a wake of death and destruction in a suburban Dallas high school. Senior Agent Gerry Bolton and Special Agent Jan Hanson of the Dallas FBI take on the case of the apparent bombing, with little to go on. No manifesto has been revealed to declare the perpetrator's identity or rationale, although terrorism is suspected. A later grotesque crime adds a further burden of urgency to the FBI's efforts. Aziz Malawi, a bright young Muslim engineer, is puzzled by a friend and coworker's failure to return to work from his vacation. He decides to check on him at his apartment. What he discovers sends him to the police, where he is immediately viewed as highly suspicious, is interrogated, and subsequently bumped up to the FBI for further scrutiny. It becomes clear to the FBI that Aziz is not a person of interest in the bombing crime, but quite the opposite - a devout American patriot, and a Muslim, who detests terrorism and terrorists. He entreats the FBI to allow him to become an active part of their investigation, which stretches from Dallas, Texas to Dearborn Michigan.Aziz joins the hunt for the loose thread that will ultimately unravel the fabric of a crime with a much deeper meaning and far-reaching impact than ever imagined. His sleuthing draws him into a world of danger that challenges his every resource and that of his FBI handlers who are sworn to protect him. As pieces of the greater puzzle begin to fit together, a grieving father, deeply struck by the tragedy of the crime surrounding his son's death receives new hope, through an extraordinary gift brought to him by an unexpected benefactor. He must first confront himself, and stare down the evil that took his son and threatened to destroy his family in the process. After a business career, Michael Nathanson decided to undertake writing his first novel, "Cries of the Eagle," fulfilling a life-long ambition. Coming from a family of writers, Nathanson dreamed of one day telling a story himself, one that could possibly also point to light and hope in the process. He lives in Texas with his wife, Jan, and they serve together in the marriage ministry at their church.

Book Review:
Cries of the Eagle
Author: Michael E. Nathanson 
Review By: Brittany Perez 
(Oh My Bookness)
October 28,2016

This book Cries Of The Eagle by Michael E. Nathanson covers several actions that is generally considered a terrorist act that the author compiled into a work.of fiction. It’s a book that will touch  the hearts of many out there. It will pull the heartstrings of the many readers who are sympathetic to the trials and tribulations that follows such mass tragedies, with wavering uncertainty of acts of war, feels for those men and woman who make it safer one day at a time and to their families . To the reader who is warm blooded, not a drone, who can emphasize with the victims. To the readers who have loved ones and family out fighting the “good fight”. To those who have the misfortune, wrong place wrong time. To those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, brother, sister , wife, husband, child. For example those who have experienced tragedies, directly and in directly such as the Boston Marathon Bombings, 9/11/ , school shootings like Columbine and Sandy Hook, bomb threats to schools to the hoax and real. Those are just some of the examples of challenges of war and loss and the act of terrorism...

Now do me a favor and look back to how you felt when you heard about these tragedies. Now you will understand the accuracy of the strong emotions that ripple off the pages. The accuracy of the emotions of the people, the struggles to correct and complete damage control. The tension, the fear, the confusion. The why’s and why not’s. The unfolding of events. The act of betrayal and misconduct.

This is a all to familiar story, and all to sad of a tale we see so often in today’s Pop Culture. A story smeared all over social media, in newspapers, on television.  This is a story rooted oh so closely to true events we have read over again in the newspapers, online ( Huffington post and the New York Times ), twitter, Instagram, and various blogs across the net. Just to name a few examples.

This is a story that seems more common than not, a Muslim family moving from Iran to America to give their family a better life. Their religion, culture, being blamed for radicals twisting their beliefs to fit a warped view of the world. Many times this story has been heard. A family looking for better life, working hard, and one of their family members, a grown child gets mislead by a friend or otherwise down a road to never return. This story is based on today's crisis around the globe, investigations from authorities who work constantly for terrorist group and even single person. This covers everything that we're trying to overcome, to bring people together, fight prejudice, respect all religion and not to push it on one another. Or push one another away for who they are. Respect everyman and woman for who they are. A work that’s still in progress.

I enjoyed this book immensely. This is a book that kept me on the edge of my seat and had me wanting more, great job.

About The Author:

Coming from a family of writers, Michael 
Nathanson held a lifelong dream of one day weaving a good story that also points to hope and light in a darkened world. “Cries of the Eagle” is his first novel. He lives in Texas with his wife, Jan, and they joyfully serve together in the marriage ministry at their church.

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