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Book Review from Oh My Bookness of Rebecca Tree By Michael Abramson

Rebecca Tree
By Michael Abramson 

Published by Guernsey Books
403 pages

Book Description:

“This fast-paced political thriller is a gripping story of family secrets and government corruption … With unexpected twists and political issues that ring true, this is a bang-up novel for anyone who enjoys a good conspiracy theory.”
--Publishers Weekly review of Amazon Breakout Novel Award 
Semi-finalist REBECCA TREE.

The American political system is trapped in a death spiral.  
The country becomes increasingly polarized.
Rapidly rising seawater separate ‘wet’ states from ‘dry’ states.
Parts of South Florida surrender to the sea as carcasses of once-chic beachfront hotels poke out from the ocean floor.
‘Guest’ agricultural workers from Mexico hand-pollinate fruit trees and vegetable crops in a desperate effort to maintain the country’s food supply.
California’s once plentiful fruits are now as rare as caviar in post-Tsarist Russia. 

Out of this chaos emerges Rebecca Tree, the rebellious granddaughter of America’s most powerful politician, Merewether Tree. A successful inventor and businesswoman, Rebecca’s life is marked by a string of tragedies. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was two, and her twin sister Allison passed before her fourth birthday.
Her personal pain propels herself forward into a life of accomplishment, determined to honor the memories of the ones she lost. 
When Rebecca's brother, the current president of the United States, dies in office during an election year, her grandfather blackmails her into entering the race for the White House.
After unexpectedly winning the election in a dysfunctional near-future America, she begins a journey uncovering unpleasant family secrets while trying to restore rationality to an embittered country—if only she can avoid the brother-and-sister ‘Native Force’ team that seems hell-bent on assassinating her.

Beware of whiplash

Book Review:
Rebecca Tree   
Author: Michael Abramson 
Review By: Brittany Perez 
(Oh My Bookness)
August 1, 2016

Rebecca Tree is a political thriller which in tales of course politics, mystery and like real life events that we read about in the newspapers and watch on television, the web and the secrets that are hidden behind closed doors that scandals breaks out.. It kind of sounds like the election year between the two running parties for presidency this year, you know their names, everyone around the globe knows their names. Rebecca has a strong will that survives everything that gets thrown at her, for instance the dysfunctional family drama and the death of her brother Sam to name a couple.

As tiring times for the country Rebecca has to deal with blackmail as she to run for presidency. Poor Rebecca faces one crisis after another, conspiracy but this lovable nerdy is also out in the open for the media for everyone to see, not only she has to deal with her past has to overcome her controlling family and like today's scenario with the terrorist she has to face when she gets into office.

It's a thrill ride that will take you from one page to the next. I had a little trouble starting out in the beginning but afterwards it was hard to put the book down. Overall Rebecca Tree is a great character and the role she plays is well inspire and the ride she takes us through her political run is mind blowing and great reading.

About The Author:

Michael Abramson looks back at a multi-decade career as a photojournalist primarily working for the Time-Life family of magazines.

He has documented a wide range of subjects, from the conflict in Northern Ireland, street gangs in New York, the Wounded Knee occupation, and a barefoot doctor tending to untouchables in Calcutta, India.

His photographic books include Palante, Young Lords Party (reissued by Haymarket),

Inside Las Vegas with Mario Puzo;  Roy Lichtenstein, Portrait of an Artist; Amy, the Story of a Deaf Girl; and Our Portion of Hell.

In addition, he is part of an invention team, which holds interactive mapping patents in the United States, Europe and Japan.

REBECCA TREE is his debut novel, and it has been a semi-finalist in a previous year’s Amazon Breakout Novel Award competition.

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