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Bookreview From Oh My Bookness Of Daddy Dearest by Paul Southern

Daddy Dearest
Paul Southern

  • Publication date: June 1, 2016
  • Length: 245 pages

Book Review:
Daddy Dearest  
Author: Paul Southern
Review By: Brittany Perez 
(Oh My Bookness)
July 12, 2016

Daddy Dearest by Paul Southern takes you on a roller coaster of madness and emotions. It's a suspenseful book, a psychological thriller, and Daddy Dearest by Paul Southern. He creates a suspense by exploiting the misgivings over characters motives, honesty, and the characters their view of the world. Think of being at a play, and a single character walks out, sits on a stool and starts to tell you a story….like a soliloquy Daddy Dearest starts off with a single narrative from a single character we know as the father but we do not know his name. Again like.. Now, We get to learn a bit about him, progressively through one chapter at a time, and then the bigger picture comes in…the day his daughter goes missing.

The narrator, the father is open about who he is and about the events that unfolded when his daughter went missing…he also tends to leave a lot out about himself. He also leaves a lot out about the story as if either there is something to hide or there's just another part of the story that has yet to be told…

With psychological thrillers the focus is on the story, on the “character development, choices, and moral conflict; fear and anxiety drive the psychological tension. Withunpredictable ways which drives a sense of realism, drive as much possible into a fictional character (s).

We know he has OCD, we know about about his being a single divorced man who kalso has no luck with woman. With his daughter missing there is no shortage of suspects, neighbors, friends, including himself. As much as one is a open book, it means you need to look just as close or closer to what they may have to hide. And when it may seem obvious you may want to take a step back and rethink or check your f
acts cause you never know.

For any fan of mystery, thriller, suspense, psychological thrillers…there is no shortage. In the way the narrative is written it is catching, just when you think you have it figured out, there is another twist. If you are a fan of novels like Shutter Island or movies like Hide And Seek, or any in between or similar, you will enjoy Daddy Dearest.

My Biography - Paul Southern

Following an induced labour some time in the 1960s (due date: Halloween night), I had my subscription to a normal life revoked by itinerant parents, who moved from city to city. Lived in Liverpool, Belfast, London and Leeds, then escaped to university, where I nearlydied of a brain haemorrhage. After an unexpected recovery, formed an underground indie group (Sexus). Met the lead singer through standing on a bee. Made immediate plans to become rich and famous, but ended up in Manchester. Shared a house with mice, cockroaches, and slugs; shared the street with criminals. Five years later, hit the big time with a Warners record deal. Concerts at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Melody Maker front cover, Smash Hits Single of the Week, Radio 1 and EastEnders. Mixed with the really rich and famous. Then mixed with lawyers. Ended up back in Manchester, broke. Got a PhD in English (I am the world's leading authority on 
Tennyson's stage plays), then wrote my first novel, The Craze, based on my experiences of the Muslim community. Immediately nominated to the Arena X Club (the name Arena magazine gave to a select group of creative, UK-based men responsible for shaping the way their readers lived and enjoyed their lives). Wrote a second book, Brown Boys in Chocolate, which predicted the London bombings. Fell foul of the censors and subsequently gagged by the press. Got ITV interested in a story on honour killings and inter-racial marriages and was commissioned to write a screenplay (Pariah) based on my life story. ITV balked at the content. Subsequently, trod the Wasteland before finding the grail again: a book deal with children's publisher, Chicken House. Killing Sound, a YA horror set on the London Underground, was published by them in September 2014. The book, originally written for older teens (16+) and adults, was censoriously edited by the publishers to fit a much younger demographic, and inevitably failed to reach either market; the grail proved elusive and I returned to writing something it was impossible to dilute. Daddy Dearest, a dark, psychological thriller, will be released in 2016.

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