Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Book Review From Oh My Bookness: Dirt (Dirt Series,Book 1 ) by C.C. Hogan

Dirt (Dirt Series, Book 1)
Author: C. C. Hogan

Book Description
A fantastic tale of love, war, friendship and dragons!

If Johnson Farthing thought that life as poor cart pusher in the coastal
 town of Wead-Wodder was going to be his lot in life, then he was about to get a rude surprise, and not necessarily a good one.

Once it becomes clear that his beautiful younger sister has been kidnapped along with the daughter of the Prelate, his life is completely turned on its head. Farthing has to rush across a vast ocean and a huge continent carried by an incredible Sea Dragon and accompanied by a strange magician if he has even a chance to save his sister Rustina.

And very strangely, neither the rich Prelate nor his chief of police seem keen to even lift a finger.
Dirt, the first book in a huge, continent spanning saga where dragons are an intelligent, cultured people, magicians cannot destroy mountains with a magic wand and the heroes have no wish to become tyrannical kings and queens.

But through all the dramatic events, the battles of life and death, Dirt is a place of humor, love and ultimately, the quest to find a home.

Book Review:

Dirt (Dirt Series, Book 1)
Author: C.C Hogan
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
February 2,2016

Dirt by C.C. Hogan, Dirt, yes it’s called exactly that. I know it may not be the most appealing name, a name you pass while walking through the book stores. Titles play just as a intricate role in a novels development as does cover designs to catch a readers attention. Now while the name might not be “catchy” , the cover is. So while being drawn to the book ultimately you read the book description of course. Now your drawn in, dragons, magicians, kings and queens, it’s a fantasy that could just possibly be full of adventure. Fantasy, adventure, you can’t go wrong there, right? Well let’s see.

First are you the reader to give up on that book that starts off slow? Not at least giving it that fair chance of reading a chapter or two in? Well if you are the type to just give up than don’t read it even though I think personally you should. Why do I think you should? Well the author takes the time to layout a detailed storyline in the beginning of the book, once you read the name of the book will make perfect sense. I mean you need to a little something the hero, what motivates, drives them, where they started and came from. A origin. That brings us to Johnson Farthing, our unsuspecting hero. Only because he does count for much since he sits lower on the food chain, with a gritty job pushing dirt around, never ending, he is of nothing special. No gifts or abilities. This does not make him any less heroic. When the unexpected happens, the kidnapping of his sister, there is nothing he would not do to save her. No matter what it takes. That’s a heroism. Why though does the Prelate not care, since Rustina was not the only kidnapping either. What does the Prelate know that he will not tell Johnson. Does he know who kidnapped them and why?  It does not matter to Johnson if the Prelate won’t help he will set off on his own, save her one way or the other.

For Johnson his life will change. No longer some lonely dirt pusher but a adventurer. Crossing lands making friends and enemies alike. In a land full of dragons, mythical creatures and variety of animals, meeting a warlock/wizard who is 1000 years old, befriending a water dragon along the way. This story full of fantastical creatures and animals.  With exciting adventure, drama, romance and fantasy, it’s an epic first novel in the Dirt series, it leaves you wondering what’s in store for these characters in the next book.

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