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Book Review from Oh My Bookness of Celebration by Mounia Bagha




Length: 280 pages

Print edition (ISBN 1519330944).

Publication date: December 15, 2015

  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B019FO0KNS

Book Description:
Twenty-four year old Abigail Mitchell is living the dream: she still lives at home with her parents, trying to make money from a job she absolutely loathes and hopelessly falling for Mr. Wrong. Thankfully, she can count on her loving friends and the best brother in the world Ethan to save her from her misery. But when Abby’s world falls apart one day of May, she knows she’ll have to pull herself together on her own if she ever wants to find happiness. 

Heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking, Abby’s story shows how the ripple effects of an identity crisis can damage for the greater good the construction of a strong character.

Book Review:
Author: Mounia Bagha
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
January 25, 2016

What do we want more in our lives but live out our dreams, dreams that are ever evolving, revolving around like a door until finally it stops. Stops, but why? Why is either because we have grown up or they just seem impossible to complete. To complete though it the optimal goal, and once the dream ends, when we decide it’s just to hard, we give up on are dreams, we are initially giving up on are selves.

Celebration by Mounia Bagha celebrates just that. Live. DREAM. Don’t give up, live them out. Though there is more obviously. You hope…right? Well there is. It’s a story that reminds one that it is OK to focus on one’s self and live out your dreams, at least fight for them.

But how? What is this story about, who are the protagonist, are the characters well developed? How is the story line? A fast read or one of leisure or is it slow and hard to get through? Let’s discuss the story a little further and you the reader, the potential reader, the interested part, you decide if this will be your next read.
Celebration is about a twenty-four year old girl named Abigal Mitchell is living a dream or is she? She has no money, or at least barley, because she is working at a Job she absolutely hates while trying to save to move out of her parents home. Which is easier said than done. There is a snag though, there is a guy, yes girl meets guy, guys all wrong. You know the story or so do you? Thing is though Abby is strong, and driven but until she meets Mr. Wrong, her world collapses. She loses hope, her self-esteem crumbles, and what she wanted for her self seemed to matter less. Her whole world became wrapped into one person, one guy. This makes us thankful for those friends who are honest to us and stick by your side and siblings who are your rock and become your foundation.  For Abigail that’s her brother Erin.

Celebration is cheeky, fun, and a Rollercoaster of emotions with romance. Is it true romance though?The story grabs your attention right from the beginning, and makes you want to read more, know more. Celebration is well written with a firmly rooted protagonist that takes you on a journey, you feel as if you are there, but in the end makes you think. What she lost, what she gained, what could of she done differently. It reminds you to live your life, dream big, fight for those dreams and live not just another person, you need to Remember yourself to.

I feel today’s youth, teens to early 30s will relate to, and be a firm reminder of one’s self worth. As much as I feel the younger generation will thoroughly enjoy it, I feel as well this is a book also anyone can enjoy. The characters are relatable and will also take you back.

About The Author:

Mounia loves to write stories about life, love, and loads of other things that don't necessarily manifest in real life - sometimes for the better. Born and raised in sunny Corsica, an island in the south of France, she decided to travel around right after graduating from high-school. She lived for a while in London, Amsterdam, and Orlando to finally move back home sweet home. In-between trips, Mounia somehow managed to graduate from a Master's Degree in English and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

"CELEBRATION" is her first book. When she's not writing novels, she goes for the shorter format and writes pieces for different online magazines that all end-up compiled on her website (

Although she is a self-proclaimed poor social media user, she keeps doing her best, one day at a time. You can reach her on Twitter (@MouniaBagha), Instagram (Mounia_Bagha), or via her website and she'll always respond to you and all that, not using the third person. I promise :)

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