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Book Review from Oh My Bookness: Mother Moon by Bob Goddard

Mother Moon

Author: Bob Goddard
  • Publication date: December 2, 2015
  • Publisher: Timbuktu Publishing
  • ASIN: B018W4GFRM

 Book Description:
2087 – A colony of scientists is stranded on the Moon as the Earth faces imminent disaster. 1504 – A wooden sailing ship is navigating the dangerous waters of religious fundamentalism. Two events separated by space and time, yet destined to collide in a simple twist of fate. 

When comet changes course and heads for Earth, the finger of blame is pointed at one country. The entire planet is thrown into chaos, while on the Moon a colony of scientists faces the bleak prospect of being stranded... forever. 

Will Cooper and Nadia Sokolova become unlikely allies in their struggle for survival. Can they make Armstrong Base self-sufficient before the food runs out? Will they ever see their families again? Can love conquer fear in one-sixth gravity? 

And what does a 16th century sailing ship and its grizzled captain have to do with their plight? Can he stay alive long enough to uncover the origins of all humans on Earth? Is this the end of Man… or the rebirth of Mankind? 

Only Mother Moon has the answers...

Book Review:
Mother Moon
Author: Bob Goddard
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
January 31,2016

Book Review:
I believe most Science Fiction fans can agree there is always so much that is recycled and re-used that the stories stop feeling original. It feels like you have read it before. Is their originality left? Or are we so stuck on “fads” and the movement in “pop culture” that we just forget that using your imagination, being original is not a bad thing. You need to be ahead if you want to make it.

Mother Moon by Bob Goddard has the spark, the spark of original storytelling though weaved with something familiar. The key word though is “original” and “originality”. Colonizing the moon, two worlds, two different centuries, familiar idea but what makes this different? That’s the question.

Authors are catching on that you can take a familiar or used idea and make it still a original story line, story plot, evolving a genre. Now sci-fi is incorporating modern issues, approaching them and weaving them into a familiar storyline. Taking social issues, civil rights issues, modern technology and futuristic ideas. This may not seem original or new but the idea of now incorporating today’s “pop culture” and social issues is new. Framing it is to a new narrative. Comics such as Marvel figured it out a long time ago, books, novels, are  now catching up. Bob Goddard did as well with Mother Moon.
The storyline may come off as predictable but this is I have to say my favorite part, when they take you on a journey and they get you to think one way but the ending, wow just catches you off guard. Off guard in a good way, the ending you think it will be, they had you believing, so clever, it will shock you because it’s not all what you would expect and at the same time you are like “That Makes PERFECT SENSE!”

I have read many of sci-fi books, it is still one of my favorite genres but I can even tell you it’s getting harder and far to in-between to find a good, original narrative or even a new approach on a familiar or classic idea. Mother Moon, it does it. It’s refreshing. If you can believe.
Sometimes though the author goes into to much detail, I know I said to much detail, how can that be a problem? It’s not a huge problem by any means, but Iam a firm believer explaining all the science and the tech. you can leave some of it to the imagination, let the reader figure it out and you give yourself space to further the story or more the characters and the challenges. A little mystery is a good thing.

The question is though how many of you ever wondered with the advances of science, how habitable is the other planets, such as the moon. Will it one day be that civilization can be founded, created, evolved. If you are sci-fi lover, this book takes on that journey. Humans, earth, moon, civilization, evolution, technology and sciences. It also incorporates human emotions and spirits, love and romance, expanding relationships, dreams to be made possible. For the avid reader and the sci-fi reader, it has a bit of something for various types of readers. The author makes sure not to ax-out new readers, the next reader looking for a interesting and good book. He expands to catch interest of various readers.

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