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Book Review from Oh My Boookness of Freedom: A Jake Dani Novel (Book 1) by Author: Victory Crayne

Freedom: A Jake Dani Novel (Book 1)

Author: Victory Crayne

Print Length: 338 pages
  • Publisher: Victory Crayne (July 21, 2015)
  • Publication Date: July 21, 2015
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B012933POS

Book Description:
Jake gets a call from his girlfriend Mimi after her arrest for protesting

slavery on the newly colonized planet of Rossa. Mimi disappears and Jake

leads his spy team on operations to find her. But they are up against

clever and resourceful crime lords and landowners who will do anything to

protect their investments in slavery. Including going after Jake himself.

Book Review:

Freedom: A Jake Dani Novel (Book 1)

Author: Victory Crayne
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
October 9, 2015

Freedom a Jake Dani Novel  by Victory Crayne is the combination of POP Culture twist of Sci-Fi entwined with the tell tale of Espionage. With a battle for basic rights and freedom on a newly colonized planet, his love Mimi lost somewhere is a sea of crime Lords and land owners, villainous and prejudice people. Their is nothing else to do but to go into the entangled mess, leading his men and hoping to get out alive. All with Mimi and his men In tact.

There is one small problem, well actually quite large, with the crime lords and land owners at it to protect their "investments" , their is no safe place to keep low with out someone maybe seeing you. Though as determined as the criminals, Jake is equally or more to return Rossa to a state of Just and put a stop to the tyranny that is taking place.

Many are fleeing to the planet thinking they can escape their past such as their criminal past, dangerous past, escape arrest, bring old world thinking and views with them and bring this Newley colonized planet back to a time where ignorance led to more crime and suffering, racial views askew with new world technology. A even more dangerous place than the 40's , 50's, 60's and 70's and even early 80's.

What they an do whatever weapons and devices. Interesting though, even though Jake is a spy the new world futuristic technology does not fit with him. He is more of a classic, old school spy, believes in the doing things the old ways. The new futuristic complicate things even though going up against these dangerous criminals you can use all the help you can get, because "old school" is just not going to cut it against these monsters.

This you can classify under more under POP Culture read though it is very well blended through its classifications of Sci-Fi  with the throw in of Espionage. You can also see where even though it does talk about bringing about old world values it speaks in future sense as well past tense and present. It's a very nice blend and quite a imaginative story. 

About The Author:

Victory Crayne grew up in Ohio and southeastern Michigan. When she visited California one winter, she encountered the strangest thing: a seventeen-year old boy who didn't know how to make a snowman! And he didn't either. The large ball he was supposed to make turned out to be a tire. No, no, that won't do.

She has always been the storyteller in her family and wanted to be a fiction writer from the time she peered out of her parents' home at the work-a-day world. Unfortunately, she had no other means of support and waaaay back then, so it was off to college she went to earn a bachelor's degree with majors in mathematics and physics...and a minor in chemistry. Jobs were scarce for those with math and physics degrees, so she became a chemist.

After twelve years of marriage and chemistry, she got a divorce and changed careers to become a computer programmer.

Ah, graduate school. So enticing. And yet so frightening after being out of the school environment for so long. But it turned out her working experiences were in her favor and three years later, all while struggling with the duties of a day job, she graduated with a master's degree in business administration, the famous M.B.A.

After the downfall of the scary Soviet Union, the early 90s saw a recession and she found herself out of work. Not a nice place to be. So she packed up her stuff and moved in with mom for a few years in the sunshine state of California. The sun was out a lot more and the weather was so much nicer, so she planted roots and decided to stay.

With some time on her hands, she started writing fiction, instead of just making notes on future stories.

Then back into the workinworld, this time as a technical writer. Ah, she was getting closer. At least she was writing. In 1997, she founded, a critique group for science fiction writers who preferred to write technically accurate tales.

In 2003 and 2004 she penned two science fiction novels. At that time, the only practical way to get readers was to get published through a traditional publisher. Alas, her two novels weren't quite what several agents wanted.

Her mother's death in 2007 brought more changes and in the following year, she moved into a retirement community to occupy the home that dear old mom had vacated. Retiring now on Social Security, she finally...finally...had the income and a home to live in so she could write full time.

As you may be aware, any time you do something full time, instead of just when the rest of life allows you some spare time, you grow a lot faster in your skills.

Sue Grafton once said, "The smartest thing I ever did was to invent somebody who now supports me." She was referring to private investigator Kinsey Millhone, the protagonist of her best selling alphabet mysteries.

After reading that, the lights went off in Victory's head to the idea of creating a series of novels with the same protagonist. Over the next four years Victory designed the Jake Dani series.

Some things change slowly. Victory is still the president of, the international web-based critique group of hard science SF. She has been the president and vice president of the Southern California Writers Association, as well as having attended other writers groups.

In 2012, the publishing landscape had changed enormously and Victory had matured much more as a writer, so she self-published "Reluctant Spy." She plans to publish a new novel in the series every year. The second novel, tentatively titled "Nuclear Blackmail," has been drafted and is in the editing stages.

"Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life." - Lawrence Kasdan

Yep, that describes Victory well. This career is the one she was designed for from the beginning.

You can join her and read the first five chapters of her novels, as well as an assortment of short stories, by visiting

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  1. I am a big sci-fi fan. But thriller sci-fi's are even better. I have added this book my books to be read queue. I look forward to reading this book soon. Thanks for writing this review. I hope

  2. Hi +FirstTimeEntrepreneur ,
    Thanks for checking out +OhMyBookness Book Reviews, I do hope you find a book you may like.

    I do believe you may enjoy this book, it's not your typical sci-fi, action, thriller concept. I did find this novel to have a creative twist, and to be nicely thought out. It is a story full of interesting characters.

    I do hope you find you like here!
    I hope you visit again soon!

    Thank you again,
    Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness )

  3. Oh also look also look out for Book 2 in the Jake Dani Series by Victory Crane coming out in 2016.