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Book Review By Oh My Bookness of DNA (Alta 1) by Aex Hurst

  • DNA
  • Author: Alex Hurst
  • Print Length: 24 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Bookmark Comics; 1 edition (July 15, 2015)
  • Publication Date: July 15, 2015

D.N.A. is an illustrated, serial novel written by Alex Hurst. The story chronicles the adventures of Alta Williams, a woman of a future where genetics dictate quality of life and scientific discovery advances at an inconceivable rate. Alta is known to the media as the Human Doll, the first successful case of a full nanoCell organ transplant. 

Alta appreciates the technology around her: without it, a chemical fire would have killed her in her early twenties. Though the fire destroyed her extracellular matrix, scientists from the medical behemoth nanoTech were able to replace her ruined skin with their patented nanoCell material, giving her a second lease on life. 

However, with nanotechnology now advanced enough to alter the human genome, and a company determined to capitalize – and control – the endeavor, it is up to Alta to expose their plans. 

And she’s not alone. 

Helping her every step of the way is D.N.A., the Digital Nanocell Accelerator, a self-learning computer program charged with telling synthetic cells which tissue they should build. D.N.A. fuses with Alta’s fully-synthetic skin and convinces her to fight against those who would otherwise oppress society as she knows it. 

Of course, it helps that D.N.A. can change the genetic makeup of Alta's skin at will, gifting her with the characteristics of any living recorded in the Genome Project. With the world’s genetic code at her whim, Alta has the power to overcome anything… 

…but at what cost to her humanity? 

**Please note that this is a novella with illustrations, not a comic or full-length novel**

Book Review
Book Review By:  Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)

D.N.A, Alta Williams takes you on a wild and crazy adventure. With its up and downs,you will need your time to take your breath and catch up.

At first it may seem " here's we go again evil corporations" but the author brings something new into th plot and skeems of things. Alta Williams a young girl in her 20's was injured in a very serious accident. Alta Williams suffered a chemical spill accident that that ruined her skin. When everything seemed lost a corporation stepped in offered her a highly experimental treatment to replace her skin.

The nanoTech corporation offered a nano cell tech that was highly experimental to replace her skin. When things couldn't look worse Alta developed lung cancer, if it was do due to the chemical spill or not who knows. But thankfully the same company who offered her the experimental skin also offered her a experimental lung replacement. But the question is why is the company ding all this for her, especially without some kind of request or demands in return. Try must have something up their sleeve. All she needs is the proof against nanoTech, but what if she does get it who will it hurt and who else will be involved.

What Alta gets to learn though there were benefits although at times confusing and scary, benefits, to this nacocell skill being laced and the self learning A-I Program embodying its friendly host to work. Alta's skin bent the perfect host for the program, The Digital nanoCell Accelerator (D.N.A), we enter the story where the host and the program are still getting better aquatinted.  

To not give to much away the story is a mix of sci-if and superhero combined, a love of both worlds. A very generic example its Lillie when wolverine is submerged into the medal and gains the claws and can resist bullseye but Alta can strengthen her skin changer skin and claw etc. 

As science fiction, the nanotechnology and on-the-fly genetic manipulation is incredible but not implausible, and the artificial intelligence angle iconvincing as well as entertaining. DNA and Alta share an almost human bond, exchanging banter as the action flies, but there's also a sense that the connection is quite intimate. The "internal dialogue" between Alta and DNA is a bit jarring at first, but it complements the frenetic pace of the story.

As it is said it may be illustrated but it is not a comic, it not a book, but a short novella introducing you into the chatchters worlds and setting you up for a second book that is a definite!

For The Illustrastions
Kevin Nicholas out did himself. His illustrations in the self tell the story but with the words are made even stronger. They are beautifully done and well executed. I would like to say 90% of the illustrations focus on Alta, a beautifully done woman. As well the story mostly does focus on her. The artist added realistic features which add to th chatchters and did not just play on sex appeal. He added muscle definition,  nicely sculpted facial features, different stances, none of this cleavage where you can play the bongo off it and can't picture the girl running or fighting. The artist shows past Alta's basic form his his amazing talent to progress and do more and make it look natural and beautiful and clean and well exchange each design. You can see the the time and thought he puts into his work.

 narrative stands on its own quite nicely, but the illustrations are a welcome addition, adding descriptive texture and realism to an extraordinary tale. And yes, as the first installment of a promising serial, it will leave you wanting more. Don't say you weren't warned!detective feel) and the science fiction components built into Alta’s skin was a captivating combination.

About Alex Hurst:

Alex Hurst was raised in the wilds of the south. Lightning storms and hurricanes created the playpens of her youth, and in the summers, she used to spend all of her time dodging horseflies in a golden river, catching fish and snakes with her bare hands, swinging from vines, and falling out of magnolia trees. These days, she tends to move a lot, though she currently resides in Kyoto, Japan. Alex writes primarily character-driven fantasy, but dapples in science fiction and LGBT literature when the mood strikes. Alex writes realistic characters in unreal worlds, high stakes and meaningful reflections on what it means to be human (or nonhuman).

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