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Book Review of THE GENESISg By: Peprah Boasiako (Back 2 My Rootz Part 1)

By: Peprah Boasiako
  • Print Length: 190 pages
  • Publisher: Ground-Up Media (May 17, 2015)
  • Publication Date: May 17, 2015
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

Book Description:
When tragedy strikes King “KD” Diamond’s family in Africa at a young age, Black, his uncle, decides to migrate him to the U.S. in hopes to get him a better life. Having lost a son of his own, Black looks to fulfill his dreams through his nephew. KD, however, has a plan of his own — to live a life of crime. Forging an unbreakable bond with brothers, Juan “Dolla” Sanchez and Roberto “Poundz” Sanchez, from his childhood neighborhood, the three embark upon a quest with one goal in mind — achieve success in the drug game at all costs. With unshaken loyalty, love, and trust among them, and a strong backing, the young men take the streets of New York by storm. The plot thickens when a bloody street war forces KD to retreat to Africa in hiding. The Genesis is the beginning of the tale of an inseparable group of young and reckless men and their journey through the treacherous terrain, better known as the street

Book Review:
THE GENESIS (Back 2 My Roots Part 1)
By: Peprah Boasiako
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
June 15, 2015

The GENESIS by Peprah Boasiako is a breath of fresh air. Now you ask why? Well the reason is because this author made the story their own. It's as the author "Marches To A Beat Of Their 
Own Drum" but may as seem this way but when you read the story you can tell he is doing just the opposite. He is in a sense giving the readers just what they want, a strong story that pulls the reader in while surprising them the whole way because nothing is as expected.

That's GENESIS, It's not another washed up, did that, done that, re-hash another cliche topic. By the blurb you'll see on the jacket or back of book, or you see on a site for purchase, it automatically gets your attention, maybe you are a fan of the topic/genre/ or maybe not, that's the best part. GENESIS  IS A BOOK THAT WILL GRAB THE ATTENTION OF ALL READERS NO MATTER WHAT GENRE THEY ARE A FAN OF.  Yes, there will be those who may not like it, but thats common, even if they like the genre they may not like it. The important part is that this  reaches across to a wide range of readers which is not common.

Want to know completely why what I think GENESIS? It is a good book, rich with detail. Want to know more, let me tell you. When I got a request for genesis, the blurb got my attention,  I thought, my first initial thought was "this book sounds intriguing, it sounds like this book has potential and I hope the book lives up to the  blurb/description" , what surprised me is that it did.  The books characters are well thought out and described in great detail.  In a level the way the author describes his characters you feel you are getting to know them,,in a way relate to what their feeling and going through. Even though you know there not real, the characters he describes seem like they are. Then attention to detail in the scenery also helped to bring this book to life. 

The struggles that Black faces to keep his nephew  KD safe after he lost his family in Africa, Black makes a life changing decision tot move to the U.S. away from the crime and the tragedy that reminds him of the murder of his young KDs family. Even though this move was to be a fresh start, a life away from crime; that Black wanted for his nephew he ends up on the streets anyway forging a un-breakable bond between friends. KD  thought he could take the streets of NY, which is where they moved to but he don't understand the streets of NY. Being youthful and strong willed is not enough to make it on the streets even though his Uncle wished for a better life than this.

With power comes those that you may have wronged on your way up, because of the way up you may have been presented with a task, with a offer how could you refuse? Now Nine wants revenge,manat reason you will have to read for.

This story takes you on a interesting journey through gang life, street life, all through KDs eyes as a adult. You see why he made the decision he did. Why he chose a life of crimes and gang violence.

You see a story of Black, not only did his nephew lose his own family, he lost his as well. He lost his children, he lost his wife and home. You can see why he wanted to leave Africa and take his nephew as well away from that life.

In the story Genesis you get to see the way it's written a unique view as if your s through the characters eyes. You see the way street life is and being part of a gang, why they believe each of their actions is justified. You see bonds grow, as their considered to blood, family, a brotherhood forms, they feel closer to each other than they do to their family.

Take a dive into a life of crime, loss, sacrifice, see as bonds forms. This book is uniquely written. It's an story that you can see the possibilities, a realistic feel, a story that crosses genre boundaries. Many I can see reading this book, it's written with great detail and keeps your interest and makes you not to read  more. A Book. you don't want to put down until your finished.

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