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Book Review of No Good Deed...By D.E Wyatt

No Good Deed......
By: D.E. Wyatt
  • Print Length: 132 pages
  • Publisher: D. E. Wyatt (October 16, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

Book Description: 
Elsabeth Soesten is always in trouble. Her comrade-in-arms Brother Hieronymus has just dragged her into a deal with the Abbot of Friuli to recover stolen church property, but what began as a simple good deed (with a bit of church coin as incentive) soon finds the pair swept up into a conspiracy against the Prince-Bishop of Bremen. Trapped between an agent of the Bishop on one hand and the Abbot on the other, the only way out is to unravel the Abbot's plans and find out just what they have to do with the reclusive Baron of Leyen. 

And just maybe they can work their way out of the whole mess with heads still attached and purses a little fatter.

Book Review:
No Good Deed.....
By: D.E. Wyatt
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
March 17 ,2015

No Good Deed....by D.E. Wyatt is his debut novella, all but 110 pages moving with a swift pace.  A fantasy/adventure novel that makes you wish that it was just a little longer. The reader follows protagonist Elsabeth Soesten, a fierce 23 old who kicks ass-ask names later...or not. Either way, this bad ass chick is not one you want cross. We also get to see an interaction unfold with her partner, friend, her comrade-in-arms Brother Hieronymus. Brother Hieronymus has dragged Elsabeth into deal with Abbot of Frulli to recover stolen church property, but one starting as a good deed goes south very fast.

 This Femme Fatale has a lot of blood on her hands but it's not without good cause though, or is it? Brother Hieronymus is a man of the cloth who loves his drink and pretty woman. I guess you can say he is a sinner himself? Either way he and Elsabeth make great partners no matter one or the other may annoy the hell out of you. No matter what Elsabeth is fond of Brother Hieronymus. They make a dysfunctional but good team. 

Author D.E Wyatt, for his first novel wrote a imaginative, a creatively good first sci-fi/fantasy/adventure novel. Leaving plenty to the imagination, without sparing on the detail and descriptive detail within the written story. If you like fantasy with a splash of adventure and ass kicking woman, keep you on your toes story with a amusing and shady characters you'll enjoy this.  Being the first book on the series I like to see what happens next and what  shenanigans they get into next as well. 

About the Author

D. E. Wyatt was born and continues to live in St. Louis, Missouri, where he works in IT, and studies Medieval German swordsmanship.

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