Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Book Review of The Grizzly Trade by Dale Bradenburger

The Grizzly Trade
Author: Dale Brandenburger
Paperback: 362 pages

Book Description:
Escape to the last frontier and find out what life on the edge is really like. Sliding seamlessly between poignancy and laugh-out-loud fun, GRIZZLY TRADE is a raucous romp through the Alaskan wilderness. Red just wants to be left alone in his Alaskan retreat, but when the taciturn Viet Nam vet starts to find dead bears in the forest with their paws hacked off, he is forced wage war once more, and this time he intends to win. Tim Branson is a gregarious small-town reporter, looking for a news story that sizzles. Despite their differences, they are forced to become allies when a methamphetamine addict and an unemployed lumberjack start selling bear gallbladders and paws on the Asian aphrodisiac market. While trying to track down the poachers, Red and Branson discover toxic chemicals dumped on the pristine salmon fishing grounds. Accusations fly and the entire town takes sides. Tim’s job and Red’s sanity are at 
stake as they try to find the connection between the bear killings and the environmental disaster. As they follow the money trail, the unlikely duo must deal with an array of eccentric characters, including a lethal ornithologist who enjoys arson as much as he enjoys bird watching, an aphrodisiac-gobbling cruise ship captain with a woman in every port, and an egotistic state trooper who couldn’t pour warm piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel.

Book Review:
The Grizzly Trade
By: Dale Brandenburger
Review by: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
March 4, 2015

Grizzly Trade by Dale Brandenburger is one of those laughs out loud , good OL' tale that's takes place in Alaska. Written by someone native to Alaska, knows first hand the wilderness, working for the Fish And Game Department since 84', leaving him with plenty to write about. 

Dale Brandenburger made this just about fiction equally equated with reality. Looking through the eyes of a reporter looking for the next big scoop. Though you get to see someone who is not from the area, as well see the politics involved get idea for the scenery, seeing the characters develop.

You get to clear idea for the Alaskan wilderness , the people the characters, scandals the erupt in a small town, all the time the story keeps you in from the beginning all the way to the end. A story that seems to go by so fast because your interest does not waver  but by no means no short read. It's great read from start to finish. It's serious, funny, with a little drama all mixed into one. 

About the Author

Dale Brandenburger, a fisheries biologist by day and a novelist by night, has worked in the wilds of Alaska for the Department of Fish and Game since 1984. He resides in the town of Juneau, Alaska, with his wife, Lu, and their two dogs, Sparky and Pepper.

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