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Book Review of Touching Freedom by Suren Hakobyan

Touching Freedom
Author: Suren Hakobyan
  • Print Length: 262 
  • Publisher: Suren Fant (December 28, 2014)
  • ASIN: B00QQN3E3K

Book Description:
Twenty-two-year-old Isabel left for Munich for summer holidays to take a part in Youth International Meeting - a lot of teenagers visit the meeting every year from different countries.

She's going to be absolutely on her own for two weeks, without her bossy father around.

The first evening, when every guest is in the Meeting Room, a guy with dark and mysterious eyes steps in. From the first sight of him blood rushes all over Isabel's body and cold sweat covers her. She has never experienced such feeling to any guy before. Every time seeing him around her legs drag her to him as though he is her spatial drug.

His name is David. He's definitely older than the other guests. But to gain him, Isabel has to face the secret lurking behind his dark and cute eyes and she has to confront his night life. 

For the first time in her life Isabel gets to know the real taste of freedom.

Book review:
Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
February 7,2015

Touching Freedom by Suren Hakobyan is a novel that will take the reader on a journey through two characters on a journey of self discovery. 

A young girl on her own for two weeks, away from her father, gets a taste of freedom in a whole new sense when she discovers something absolute about herself. She has wings. The taste of freedom is far greater than she could ever expected, her decisions are her own, yet this all new and becomes unsure, scared. But exhilarated by this new freedom, can one still be true ones self, accomplish what one wants, and still have be true to self. How do you survive and be true to what you want most? She will soon find out.

Absolution comes with a price, but what price?  As one tries to turn away and finds himself learning about a future not expected. Should one, should he turn to a future he is not absolutely sure about? Or should he turn away....can he trust what he sees in front of him might be something good for him and stay? 

A journey of self discovery for two characters. What they decide, you will have to find out. Find out how there journey ends. A good read, to check out.

About The Author:
Suren Hakobyan is the author of fantasy and horror stories, Edge of End, Shade of Light short stories series and The Godless.

His first book - The Godless - was published in 2011.

Recently Suren's new novel was published, Touching the Freedom a story of love which grows between two young people and helps them to confront the fate. Also he published a short story, Words of the Past. Currently both books are available on Amazon.

Suren was born and raised in Yerevan. Lives with his wife and son.

To learn more about Suren and his books, visit or follow @surenfant on Twitter.


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