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Book Review of Gothic by Steve Hester

AuthorSteven Hester

Book Description:
Rob Stokes is an unremarkable twenty-one year old. He has a routine job, does ordinary things and tonight is going to a party hosted by his best friend. He’s hoping for a good time.

In a short time his world will be changed forever as he becomes hunted by both a demonic assassin and a secret society trying to defend the earth from the forces of both Heaven and Hell.

Rob has a destiny to become a Key; one of a handful of guardians created to protect mankind and in doing so he will become more powerful than he ever imagined but only if he can survive the night...

Book Review:
Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
February 9,2015

Gothic by Steven Hester starts off in 1884, seeing through the eyes of a man named James who would be hung for a crime the following afternoon.  The thing is, he would be a penance for a crime he did so not commit. That is the thing with neighbors , strangers, it's shoot first  and ask questions later or in this case, to the gallows and ask questions never. James happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.....or was he ? What if he arrived 20 minutes sooner, or 2 hours after, maybe he would not be the one standing over his dead wife's body. After s argument they had saying "he would put her in her place", just out of the heat of the moment. What she would not see coming is his own friends and neighbors turning on him claiming that he committed the murder when he was so sure it was something...what he could not be sure it was like a shadow creature. 

The infuriating mocking from the lawyers and judge and the law enforcement about what he saw, the "shadow creature", when he knew what he saw and  it was real. A murder so gruesome it would go down in history. No one ever knowing that James was not James until the end......

A demon on a mission and the number of casualties does not matter. Moving from body to body awaiting his orders.....awaiting for his next mission.

 Rob Stokes, who thought he was Just another ordinary Joe. He is not. He is part of something  bigger, much bigger. For Rob what will come to pass. First off he saw his friend just get mangled, a bloody heap on the ground from where his car had hit him, he tried to warn him but it was to late......he couldn't stop his vehicle, no matter how hard he tried. His breaks refused to work, he had no control over the steering wheel either....people were in grave danger as well as his own life was on the line. No matter how many hits the vehicle took it kept going, a mangled, twisted mess, with its roof torn off. But was controlling it, he sure wasn't. It's like it had a mind of its own.

This was only the beginning of the many things he would face through the coming night to morning. If he can only make it through the night he will take his place as guardian. He is not the only one though there are others. 

Gothic is Steve Hester's debut novel and for the first novel it is good read. You can easily picture these characters , and his surroundings and what is going on. The author works well with no over describing every little detail or the characters where you end up loosing focus and the overall story and the plot. The story has just enough action to lure the reader and keep them wanting to know more. The characters put into a various situations you start to wonder if they will make it through the night alive, wonder how they are chosen to be a guardian and why is it happening to them. The author puts in just enough to keep the reader wondering without being to vague either.

If you like action and adventure, are not squeamish over bloody details, this thriller is worth the read.

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