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Book review of GOTCHA GAS - DEBACLE NEAR ROSWELL by Authors: M.A. Banakand Bill Weimer

Authors: M.A. Banak and Bill Weimer 
  • Publisher: GoGa Publishing (December 11, 2011)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

Book Description:
In GOTCHA GAS - DEBACLE NEAR ROSWELL, Ramon Sanchez’s search for a long-forgotten town in New Mexico reveals the fifty-year-old legend of a colossal service station called Gotcha Gas. July 7th, 1947, dozens of outraged motorists are stranded and unaware they are within the blast radius of a poorly-planned US Army bomb test. A motorcycle gang, a police manhunt, and “The Pickle,” an Army helicopter in the final leg of its pre-test reconnaissance, join the pandemonium. Can everyone be saved with just one hour before detonation? Ramon learns about a boom town on the verge of bankruptcy, the mayor’s get-rich-quick scheme, and the broken Coke bottle that triggered the episode. He also uncovers the connection between events at the gas station and a fallen weather balloon near Roswell. A madcap, side-splitting story of military bungling, ham-fisted police, crooked politicians, mob rule, and big business, GOTCHA GAS will forever change your view of the Roswell Incident.

Book Review:
Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
January 31,2015

GOTCHA GAS De bacle Near Roswell By M.A.Banak and Bill Weimer IS A STORY LIKE NO OTHER! It is a good thing though because you most likely won't want to put it down once you start reading it. This will have the casual to light reader at it with a new perspective. 

Once you start reading this, you can clearly can get a idea for the inspirations behind it, in the way it's written, the comedy, mystery, a satire. You read and its easy to visualize what's going on with clear descriptions that will also remind you of some old classic movies. It is in many ways like a enigma, once you think you have it figured out.....something else comes in so it's always has you wondering where the characters may end up next. What will cross there paths, and who may you be introduced to next. What zany situation will they be put into next.

There are times where two different writers become involved in a story how well is the actual outcome going to be, if there individual style show through and the cohesiveness of the story and transitions will become skewed but with this there is not even a reason to think twice about it. With so much going on, the M.A Banak and Bill Weimer have a system that seems all of their own, where one starts the other ends or does it? Another thing that makes this story so good, when two become one and the final outcome is a fantastic story by far. One that is guaranteed you have, Im gonna go with probably have never read before. The more reason why you should though pick up   
GOTCHA GAS De bacle Near Roswell. 




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