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Book Review of Stalking Aidan by JM Shorney

Book Title: Stalking Aidan

Author: JM Shorney
  • Print Length: 384 pages
  • Publisher: New Generation Publishing (October 1, 2013)
  • ASIN: B00FL0I35S

Book Description:
Someone wants his head.

All he wants is to see his son again.

Irish-born Aidan McRaney has just been released from prison. He served almost eight years for his part in the shooting of gang boss Frankie Lamond's would-be assassin Brian Fitzwalter, while he was working as Lamond's minder.

Now McRaney is out. His one, innocent desire is to be reunited with his nine year-old son Patrick.

Aidan's seemingly simple goal turns out to be more difficult than Aidan imagined; after being repeatedly followed by a mysterious motorcyclist, he realises that someone is seeking revenge for his past crimes.

Things soon begin to spiral out of control as Aidan's friends and loved-ones are caught up in the violence and betrayal that seem to follow him everywhere.

Friends turn into foes and foes into saviours in this unpredictable crime thriller.

Book Review:
Review ByBrittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
December 5,2014

Sentenced to 8 years in prison for murdering Brain Fitzwalters, his former employer's would be assassin.He is now out and making an effort to go on with his life. It seems though Aidan's life has been split into two. The first half of his life before he landed in prison when he worked as hired muscle, brought in two grand a week, wore the best Armani suits and that very same job that landed him in prison. The second half, his release, his world after prison, trying to make a living working at his brothers landscaping business. Just wanting to be left alone to live his life and be with his family. 

Aidan spent most of his twenties in prison, the only thing that kept him sane was the prospect of getting to see his son again and his sister who he is really close to. The woman he truly loved would not be there though for she betrayed him.

Many of times Aidan would debate going back to his old lifestyle, not used to making so little money even though he enjoyed working for his brother. He missed the luxury, the expensive suits and whatever he wanted and when he wanted it. Unfortunately whether he wanted to or not Aidan's hand would be forced when he finds out that a contract on his life has been placed most likely by Brains father and brother for vigilante justice. In order to protect his family had to stay low and determine a course of action that would also "solve the problem" with out him also having to go back to prison. That means not getting caught at all, with anything, no weapon or committing the crime. But how? Where? What course of action?

   The author gives you the feeling that you are on the way with Aidan to a mob hit. Descriptive details, in depth characters that are full of life. Anyone who is a fan of any crime, mystery and suspense genres this is a novel to be the next take up that empty space your last book may have left behind. You will be fully engrossed to the end.

About The Author JM Shorney:

I live in Thatcham in Berkshire, and work part time in a local care home. I spend the rest of my day writing, and have published five books online. The inspiration for my novels comes largely from the movies I watch, and from writers such as Jack Higgins and Gerald Seymour. I love all things Irish. I listen to old country and Irish country music while I write. Also old Methodist hymns. The music is conducive to scene setting, in which I often lose myself.


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