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Book Review of the Sender Author Bushra Satkhed

 Sender  By Author Bushra Satkhed 

Bushra Satkhed
September 19, 2014

Book Description:
The story traces the life of Jennifer Storms, a classy 15 year old girl who lives a normal-happy life with her family in London. Having amazing parents, fun friends and a perfect life, Jennifer has nothing to worry about. Until one night which changes everything. The night of her last day of school, she receives a strange e-mail from an 'Unknown' sender. She ignores it at first assuming it to be meaningless. But when problems arise in the city as mysterious deaths take place, Jennifer realizes that they are all somehow connected to those mails. The lass soon starts her Ed investigation on this matter along with her best mates and sets off to find the sender. Join the adventure and find out how Jennifer's life turns upside down as she reveals the secret of 'THE SENDER'.

Book Review:
Brittany Perez ( Oh My Bookness)
December 19,2014

Book excerpts:
We were selecting some movies to watch after dinner when I asked Kate if I could use her laptop to check my mail. 

Sure she said, go ahead! She replied.

Yeah! Trix interrupted "let's all see what's in it".

.........I typed in my password and allowed the site to load. 

"Hmm, no important  mails." I mumbled scrolling through the inbox.

"There's one here"  Trix said pointing at the screen. 


26th July 2013
Mr. Anthony Sullivan
Warner Bros. Film Entertainment 
Theobald's Street, Theobald's Road-London  


"What in the world is this? Kate asked.

"I have in idea" I said.

"Hey Jenny check out who has sent you this mail" Trix recommend.

I agreed and and scrolled to see the name of the sender. It was written-UNKOWNKN.


Note: for the parts wit the dots was to "paraphrase" or shorten the sentence or remove details unneeded to get the point across. Pieces taken does not make them less important, but the emphasis was on the sender. 

Book Review:

With each character you can feel the tension between mother and daughter and imagine the quibbling between siblings and bond between friends. The stupid things they will do and frustration they can cause even though you love them either way. The only thing I would have to recommend for future novels is working on transitions from scene to scene, instead of using astride to mark the next stage and then continuing after it, I would work on using transitional words.  Also there is no need to note when a character is being sarcastic that should be showing through the writing and the way the characters speaking, the reader actually already does get a sense of sarcasm when is needed, so working on how to create its is not necessary  it's just to remember it's a full lengths
Paragraphs, separate lines. The novel has a look like that seems it's made up of foot notes and the note sarcasm is just one. Let the writing do all the work. It will be even stronger.

 Overall this book was successful novel for the first time out the door, and basing it off something we all know about those pesky "unknown senders" of those spam emails, I mean who is really behind them? I think what also made this a success is she "showed" the reader what the girls were seeing and Jennifer alone was seeing inside the emails which helped solidify why they were so freaked out when a new one would arrive and they did not want anything to do with them anymore if it was possible. It was a good first novel. I thoroughly did enjoy it, it was suspenseful and did make you think, with a few changes it would be even better. But that is with any writer, there will always be something someone else sees that could be fixed, or changed, that just makes stronger and better and whatever are craft it maybe.

It was a good first novel, a nice read, well planned with each unknown email and the death of each victim. The mission to find "The Sender" before it becomes to late and he/she hurts someone else. The challenging part is there is no evidentiary proof for the girls to go by the
at their actual murders but they do know because they overheard men talking about one of the murders but it's not enough it's circumstantial. Bushra was able to complete a thrilling tale of suspense and mystery that keeps you wondering until the end, and when you get there you may just be surprise who the killer really is. As well  may have you thinking twice next time you open up that next piece of mail you don't know's from?

I think this author for such a young age, self publishing and starting the writing process alone so young and putting it out there for the world to read is only going to grow as a writer she shows she has the capabilities to do it. She shows her interest, and her writing styles and now it's all about needing it out until it's just right, and she is sure on her way and one book does not do it alone as any author knows it's many books. And I expect many more books to come from Bushra Satkhed, this is just the beginning. 

About The Author:
I am 15 years old and was born in India. Since childhood, I was bought up in Saudi Arabia. I have written and published my first book 'The Sender' which is based on a 'Mystery' theme along with suspense and thrill that will force you to finish it till the end and discover all the secrets. I started writing this book when I was 11 years old and finished it last year, at the age of 14. This is the second edition. I enjoy writing, drawing, acting and playing games like badminton, tennis and basketball I love writing and I used to write in my free time which set me on this amazing journey of scripting a novel and showing it to the world.  

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