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Book Review of Snail & Boy By Gal Kleinman

Snail & Boy: A story about peace, love and freedom.

Gal Kleinman 
  • Print Length: 74 pages
  • Publisher: Gal Kleinman (April 20, 2014)

Book Description:

Snail and Boy is a story about a boy who lost his family in the war. From the depths of despair, Boy overcomes his hardships, and discovers universal truths that give profound meaning to his life, and relationship to the world.

Boy's incredible transformation gets noticed by a very inquisitive snail, who eventually discovers Boy’s secrets, as they unfold, raising our awareness to deep life changing insights.

One day, Boy is astonished to discover a snail writing silvery letters on a wall, and from that moment on, a special relationship evolves between the two.

It is a story about love. It is a story about peace. It is a story about freedom.

Hopefully, Boy lives in each and every one of us.

Book Review:
By: Brittany Perez ( Oh My Bookness)
Review Date: November 2,2014

Book quotes:
"Yes, this world needs a revolution. War is obsolete, and we must learn to live in peace." (p 24)
"If you want freedom, give freedom to someone else." (p. 45)
"If you want to be happy give happiness to someone else." (p. 49)

This book reminded me of another I read, but instead of focusing on ecological, it focuses more on us the people and how you can create a change, in the way we live, make a change in sociological environment in a unjust world at times. No matter if we use a friendly look of a frog named Ping Or a Wise Snail, it comes to touch on a similar adaption, solution that use the people need to implement the change to see change happen now or in the future. 

With Snail & Boy I cannot say hear nor their if Lincoln or even Martin Luther King Jr. Would agree with all the methods but I'm sure they will agree that we as a dynamic unit, we as individual person can only create the change we want to see and happen. If that change is liberal freedoms, peace, rights, we as one or many set forth to help as a guiding light to make it happen.

A very nice read, simple, broke up into different short stories with each lending a point and a guiding hand to a lesson. You may not agree with metaphorical character of a Wise Snail, but who is to say is just only that but only in what we believe. Methodical with a complete understanding for characters choice. I believe the author did a great job conveying a message and lessons that we are all guilty to at some point or another in saying I would like to make that change but don't ever take action.

Not meant to tell you one way or another how to live or choose your actions but thank next time when you see something you could help to make a difference in.

About The Author:
I'm the founder of the Global Peace Curriculum initiative.
I believe that humanity as a whole has to learn to live in peace to survive on this one and only precious Earth. And from this stems the importance of educating for peace.

My passion in life is to create a new spirit of coexistence among the various peoples, religions and cultures within a single interconnected civilization.

I started manifesting my passion in 2008 in the form of a global educational project called "Magical Moments Around the World" (

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