Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Review of Saint Wally by Courtney Taylor

Walter Matthews kills himself and arrives in Heaven's Waiting Room, where he witnesses a misdeed that quickly culminates in the Almighty's abduction. Getting God back is a responsibility charged to Creation's Vice President, Jesus H. Christ, who isn't quite sure he's up to the job. So begins an interDimensional adventure with a cast of trillions, in which Jesus and Walter have to restore the Good Lord to His throne before All Existence is destroyed.

Book review:
Brittany Perez ( Oh My Bookness )

For thought....
First let me start off, books have a history of just pissing people off in some way or another. I don't think we have forgotten when books we're burned for not fitting into a certain "mold" or "view point".  In some ways we moved passed that, we ignore what may offend us or act as it may not be in existence,  either works. You know why because we're entitled to our own point of views, if we like or dont. So if you know a book is being "blasphemy" and don't agree don't read because it may of not been meant for you. We need to joke about things and for some can become sensitive,  but does not mean the reader,  reviewer, is any less of a believer in his or her way. So before you pick up "Saint Wally" by Courtney Taylor remember read the description,  observe the cover and if you find in a way this will not sit well with you don't read. If you read and don't like it cause you expected something else or your reading like some of us cause it looks good, intriguing and just might, may be amusing?
Now let's get to the book review. ....
Saint Wally by Courtney Taylor is a humorist novel of Walter Matthews  who dies in well that does not really matter,  read to find out! He finds himself though I'm a situation he never expected helping Christ and host of other dead fellows to get the big guy back? Well Christ is not to keen on all this kidnapping and running around and oh yeah the world coming to an end thing.
Now what's really going to happen with the " big" taken a hideous, Christ unwitting to command a bunch souls cause he it's not his style. Michael in heaven after suicide,  a host of backwards and upside down thinking with humour depending on the person will leave you laughing or starting a fire. I personally think it's a book good for YA and up, a guaranteed read you haven't met yet. So take a gander.

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