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Exile ( The Oneness Cycle Book 1) by Rachel Starr Thompson , Book Review

Exile (The Oneness Cycle Book 1) 
Author: Rachel Starr Thompson 
Print Length: 241 pages
Publisher: Little Dozen Press (January 10, 2014)
ASIN: B00D99V878

When Tyler fishes the girl out of the bay, he thinks she's dead. 

She wishes she was. 

For Reese, life ended when the supernatural entity called the Oneness threw her out. For Tyler, dredging Reese out of the water means life is nothing he thought. 

In a world where the Oneness exists, nothing looks the same. Dead men walk. Demons prowl the air. Old friends peel back their mundane masks and prove as supernatural as angels. 

The Oneness changes everything. 

And getting Reese home, making her One again, will change Tyler--and his roommate, Chris, whose connections with the Oneness have been buried most of his life--forever.

Book Review by:
Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)

Reese is overcome by unbearable grief and loss and decides to jump off a cliff where her life her ends. Without understanding or a clue, her life ends when the supernatural entity the oneses threw her out. She is then unexpectedly rescued by two young men.  This leads to a series of events culminating in a battle between Onesness and devils.

The thing is is what are Oneness? What exactly are Oneness? Are they spirits? lost souls? Poltergeist? Spirits who failed to move on? Well all Good questions. It's  kind of whatever you want it to be. At times it’s an emotional feeling, there but can't be seen. Other times it’s a body of people connected almost telepathically.  Even in the book it is sometimes used as a noun and sometimes as an adjective.  In the book it’s described as the thing or perhaps the people that hold the world together as a tether or a cosmic link, which is believed that is that ties all souls in some forms together. Some would even come close to even calling it love or soul mates, that is liver lining, that links humanity, if you believe in all that. But where do you sit if you don't believe in something, doesn't have to be this but it's interesting to contemplate. 

Thomson, an excellent writer, presents a solid angels v demons saga but with a slightly different take to it her own, in a way. Yes we may have heard some shape or form of the story before, but truth bet old, we have heard very many if not most before especially for those that are very avid readers, and the differences is each time is how the author approaches is it, how they make it different even though it may seem similar and also how does the author introduce new characters and plots and twist that we have not see before. In this story, the concerns the Oneness, a 3rd party (human in nature) who play a prominent role in the spiritual battles that serve (and don't overwhelm) a nicely drawn character- and story-driven plot. Written with a similar Christian worldview as This Present Darkness (the Peretti classic that basically launched this genre of Christian fiction), Exile has its own storyline, setting, and dilemma that Thomson teases out until it reaches a confident climax.

This first book in the Oneness Cycle is complete, but definitely leaves the reader wanting and expecting more. If the next two novels are as well done, I have confident in the saga to continue strongly, a genre that is hard to get a foot hold in especially with a complex plot, there is no reason or doubt to make it. Especially those who just might enjoy those spiritual thrillers and those just learning they have a taste for them

About The Author:
Rachel Starr Thomson is a writer, indie publisher, and editor. She's the author of The Oneness Cycle, The Seventh World Trilogy, and many other books.

Rachel dwells in southern Canada but regularly travels all over North America, writing, speaking, and singing. She's a homeschool graduate, a lover of long walks, good books, and hot tea, and a counter-cultural revolutionary who thinks we'd all be much better off if we pitched our television sets out the nearest window.

You can visit Rachel's website,, to learn more about her work, read free stuff, and sign up for her newsletter.

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