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Alice's Bloody Adventure in Wonderland, Book Review

Alice's Bloody Adventures In Wonderland
Author: Raul Contreras
Hardcover: 236 pages
Publisher: Demented Entertainment; 1st edition (June 19, 2013)
ISBN-10: 146757855X
ISBN-13: 978-1467578554

A new demented modern interpretation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. With illustrations by Los Angeles based street artist Tweedle Guns. The White Rabbit has killed Alice's Sister and cat. Sending her on a revenge quest down the rabbit hole. Alice finds herself a pawn in a deadly battle for supremacy of Wonderland.

Book Review:
By Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)

Alice's Bloody Adventures in Wonderland by Raul Contreras is a twist on Lewis Carroll's Classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. If you like Pride, Prejudice and Zombies or Lincoln, Vampire Hunter both twist on classic story and a ex president, you will like Alice's Bloody Adventures in Wonderland by Raul Contreras. These stories though only has one thing in common, a talented writer weaved a new tale while keeping the underlying story. Raul Contreras did exactly that, he weaved a intricate modern interpretation of Alice with a twist,while keeping the underlying story intact.  Instead of creating a cliche story weaving some currently popular themes such as zombies or Vampires, he made Alice a believable modern day goth/grunge teenager full of angst and in love with her electronics than picking up a book to read in leisure as her sister suggests. 

Contreras takes Alice into the modern day, away from the era it was originally written on 1865, and instead of being a 7 years young, she is now a mouthy teenager who likes shopping at Hottopic. With this modern take on this classic tale, we still meet the Cheshire Cat, the MADD Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and arrange of fantastical characters. With illustrations by Los Angeles-based street artist Tweedle Guns,  and text by Raul Contreras, “The White Rabbit has brutally slaughtered Alice’s sister and cat, sending her on a vengeance quest down the rabbit hole, where she finds herself in a series of physical and mental traps, driving her into the heart of darkness that lies deep within.

Armed with a shotgun, yes a shot gun, and Alice being the Bad Ass she is, goes on a rabbit hunt. Alice soon finds out the White Rabbit is not so popular in a Wonderland and is greatly feared. The white rabbit still does not know the time and always late, calls Alice Bobby-Jo,not caring who she is. Alice has a slight problem though she can not control or get a handle on the shrinking and the growing, when she accidentally runs into the caterpillar reluctantly tells him what her problem is. The caterpillar going from the not so friendly wise man, has more of a hippie vibe. Offering Alice a puff of his Hookah, to "chill", tells her just like in the original to take a bite of the mushroom to get a hold of the growing and shrinking issue. This slight adaption of the "controversial" scene in the 1800s got the book banned due to its suggestive nature go drug use and hallucinations with wild out there story telling. Good thing this adaption did not exist yet, it would of really put the stuff coats britches in a bunch. Back to Alice, Once done with the caterpillar she hears voices of the march hair, the MADD Hatter and there bizarre tea party. When Alice brings up the white rabbit, everyone goes quite, obviously heard of him but reluctant to talk about him, but they all agree he is a "ass". From the frantic dish throwing, waving her gun around, Alice is off to see the Red Queen, with shotgun in hand and a woman on a mission. Full of twist and surprises full of blood and obvious violence, it's a action pact adventure, filled modern day teenage problems and a little more, as well as full of fantasy. Most defitnley not for children, more for young adults and up. It's full of wonderfully done Illustrations, a great and never forgetting where the stories originate, it's modern take is intricately weaved into the original underlying story, making it fitting book to add to any fan of Alice in Wonderlands collection. It's a book that is easy to enjoy and becomes hard to put down because you want to see what kind crazy mental, physical challenges she would be put through next. 

About The Author:
Raul Contreras was born and raised in Washington D.C.

Upon graduating Washington-Lee High School he moved to Detroit, Michigan and soon began College at Northern Michigan University. Where he studied cinema and graduated in 1992 with a BFA in Film-making. 

Raul has been an Animator, Actor, a set builder/carpenter and Producer for various independent production studios throughout the country. 

Eventually he moved to Los Angeles and has Production Designed 6 feature films before becoming a Local 44 Union Set Decorator.

He also Directed four short films, just finished writing his 12th screenplay and has finally completed his first novel. "Alice's Bloody Adventures in Wonderland."

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